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KMK Consulting is a comprehensive economic development consultancy focused on enterprise success and community prosperity through two major business groups: directly serving Economic Development Initiatives and Corporate Solutions.

We bring the highest levels of development expertise, experience, professionalism and integrity to our clients across the United States. Our clients range from small communities to major regional markets to Fortune 100 corporations. We are proud of our track record of success and client testimonials spanning from New York to Hawaii and from Washington to Florida.

Our clients include a large number of the leading economic development corporations in the United States. We represent Chambers of Commerce at the local, regional and state levels. We also serve cities, counties, regions and states and their economic development programs, strategies and delivery systems. This national network and reputation provides us a distinct advantage in accelerating the objectives of our corporate clients.


We focus on building and sustaining high performance economic development strategies, organizations and delivery systems. Our services are comprehensive and include:

Strategic Planning
Organizational Development
Consensus Building
Leadership Development
Executive Searches
Performance Audits and Benchmarking
Revenue Formation
Capital Campaigns
Government Financing Advisory
Catalytic Development Corporations
Community Asset Development
Investor Relations
Business Development
Marketing Strategies
Technology Initiatives, Incubators and Research Parks
Intellectual Capital Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Government Relations
Communication Strategies


We serve business enterprises across the United States,from growth-focused privately owned firms to Fortune 100 companies,in the area of site selection, relocation and expansion incentives, incentives compliance, and new market entry strategies. We also advise on cost efficiency management, with special emphasis on utitlities, energy and “green” strategies.

Site Selection and Incentives

KMK Consulting helps clients with their facilities and projects across the United States achieve more favorable outcomes through specialized site selection advisory services.

Through our national footprint in economic development services, we offer corporate clients a competitive advantage for their relocation projects by leveraging our extensive networks and expertise working with governments at all levels.

We help clients understand and navigate complex community processes and sensitive political issues while fully protecting their corporate image.

Our clients are able to make fully informed location decisions relating to selection of communities, sites and incentives because we have decades of frontline experience as practitioners in economic development and real estate from the local to the federal level.

Site Selection and Community Assessments

  • Site searches for new or expanding businesses have grown in complexity due to the realization of substantial ongoing (and costly) advantages and disadvantages inherent in locations beyond the initial real estate costs.

  • In many cases a project location that is deemed to be the right fit initially due to site affordability or tax rates actually is more costly over the long term due to unclear variables.

  • We match the client to not just a site that meets immediate needs but the site located in the best business environment for continuing operational and employee needs.

  • We look beyond the immediate value of factors such as real estate/construction costs and incentives to determine whether key adequate community assets are in place or planned to support the company’s longer-term location needs. Examples include frequency and size of tax increases, infrastructure improvement plans that may benefit or interfere with company access or operations.

  • We also perform valuable project “pre-launch” government affairs work with local, county and state officials to lay the groundwork for more favorable project reception.


  • With the recent authorization of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and various statewide economic development initiatives, government funding has become an increasingly important way to create pricing advantages, strengthen commercialization strategies, fund R&D, and support facility expansions. Given the competitive nature of the grant application process and the limited funding resources available, economic development agencies, businesses, and non-profits are realizing the need for expert consultation when responding to a grant RFP.

  • KMK Consulting helps clients in securing government funding from the wide variety of state and federal grant opportunities. There are state (such as Ohio’s Third Frontier program) and federal grant and incentive opportunities for for-profit businesses ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, there are many grant and incentive opportunities for economic development organizations, as well as institutions of higher education, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations.

  • KMKC possesses the experience and knowledge of the government funding process to assist you in your application process. Upon receipt of your grant award, KMKC will also work with you to ensure that the project remains in compliance with evolving state and federal regulations.


  • Public incentives can substantially reduce project costs for companies with the projects most desired by communities. To secure incentives, however, companies must demonstrate a tangible economic impact on the community.

  • We assess the qualitative and quantitative value of projects based on the community’s individual economic condition and policies; this helps us present a more compelling justification for public investment while protecting the client’s image.

  • Also, nearly all communities tie incentive awards to a company’s performance through legally binding agreements. We work with our clients to procure an optimum level of incentives within a reasonable, attainable framework of performance commitments.


  • As an essential component to structuring major real estate transactions, we guide clients through complex community planning, zoning and related regulatory reviews and sensitive political issues to assure a more successful project outcome.


Important Note on Incentives Compliance in an Economic Downturn
- How Your Tax Break Could Become a Tax Liability

  • If your company received incentives for a project in the past decade but now is planning layoffs or other employment or real estate changes, you soon may be faced with complications from failure to comply with program requirements. Communities generally have the authority to reduce or terminate your benefits and in many cases to require you to pay back the value of the benefits received to date. Many companies are not aware that even if they did not execute an incentives agreement, they still are obligated to meet their performance requirements based on the government’s action (vote or certification) to approve the incentives.

  • Our expertise extends beyond securing incentives for our clients to also vigilantly protecting their tax benefits through our incentives compliance services. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution as compliance is a complex arena with vast ranges in program types and corresponding performance requirements.

  • Our multi-disciplinary team is fronted by seasoned former government practitioners and supported by our parent, Keating Muething & Klekamp, PLL law firm, so we understand how to navigate complex compliance review processes and position the client for the most favorable outcome.

  • Nearly half of public incentives awarded for projects are never collected because companies do not have the resources to meet initial and ongoing compliance requirements. Governments impose significant documentation and reporting requirements before and after the award of incentives.

  • To assure our clients gain the maximum value of promised incentives, we manage all aspects of application and reporting required to finalize, activate and maintain incentives for the project duration. We assure all documentation is accurately completed, submitted by deadline, and all follow-up inquiries are addressed.


  • KMK Consulting advises companies interested in expanding into new markets through a comprehensive assessment of your business development goals and strategies which we then link to the most optimal new markets through extensive market research and analysis. Armed with a detailed understanding of which new markets offer the most potential, we then guide our clients in developing and executing market entry strategies.

  • Unlike general business consulting or marketing research firms that may claim to provide similar services, KMK Consulting is more advantageously positioned to understand the economic, political and competitive conditions that exist in markets as a result of our deep national work in Economic Development Consulting.

  • Our New Market Entry Services include:

    • Assessment of Company’s Targeted Business Sectors

    • Preliminary and Expanded Market Research

    • Current/Prior Client Linkage to New Markets

    • Competitor Assessment

    • Merger and Acquisition Modeling

    • Merger and Acquisition Opportunities

    • M&A Transaction Planning & Management


Our corporate services are enhanced by expertise in the energy area that we believe is unique among site selection firms. Specifically, KMKC provides client representation to utilities on issues ranging from power supply contract negotiations to the extenion of utility infrastructure and submetering systems for new facilities. Our colleague directing these services has more than $1 Billion in energy transactions under his belt and has saved clients tens of millions of dollars on the installation of energy infrastuture.

KMKC’s services in this arena include:

  • Energy Audits

  • Power Procurement

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Utility Line Extensions and Utility Construction Issues

  • Submetering Systems for Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Etc.

  • Utility Infrastructure, Installation and Testing

  • Asset Ownership and Operations of Energy Facilities

  • Special Contracts and Tariff Analysis

Green Strategies

Being “green” is no longer just a buzzword. It is becoming more and more of a mandate in communities and industries across the country. Developing a company’s benchmark for Greenhouse Gas Emmissions (GHE) and having the tools and capabilities to implement such strategies is just as important.

KMKC has the tools to assess, calculate and benchmark a corporation’s carbon footprint and to implement strategies and affect programs that will measure and improve upon that benchmark. KMKC assists corporations in identifying their level of sustainability, and provides full support relative to LEED certification of buildings.

KMKC provides development and implementation strategies toward reducing GHE and capitalizing on the monetary value of CO2 emissions that many believe will eventually be traded in this country. As such, we believe it is important for companies to prepare for such a “cap and trade” market as part of their energy plan, and to capitalize on the monetary value that such a market will offer, including the implementation of various projects that will create or free up credits.

KMKC can assist and provide the guidance and balance to develop and implement a company’s comprehensive energy and sustainability plan. We assist in defining a company’s goals, and then setting plans for measuring and implementing the plans needed to reach those goals. In addition, our programs enable and empower employees to support the plan, helping assure success.

As part of an energy and sustainability plan for our corporate clients, we perform the following services:

  • Energy audit of both physical facilities and existing energy purchasing practices and strategies
  • Provide strategies to mitigate price risk

  • Assist clients in understanding and implementing green solutions that have meaning and value

  • Developing your benchmark for greenhouse gas emissions (“GHE”) and a plan to reduce them, including implementation of company programs prior to a cap and trade system being implemented

  • Provide the tools to assess and benchmark our client’s carbon footprint

  • Verification of LEED level per building or portfolio and an estimation of what is needed to increase the rating

  • Value and capitalize on the monetary value of CO2 emissions if eventually traded in the United States

  • Implementation of strategies and projects

  • Educating the company on energy and sustainability

Corporate solutions also leverages the expertise of the Real Estate and Corporate Transactions Practice Groups of our parent company, Keating Muething & Klekamp, PLL law firm. This allows us to take advantage of the $40 Billion in transactions led by these law firm groups in the past several years. For more information go to www.kmklaw.com.