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Corporate Location Services

We serve business enterprises across the United States, from growth-focused privately owned firms to Fortune 100 companies, in the area of site selection, relocation and expansion incentives, incentives compliance, project finance, energy, and new market entry strategies.

Incentives Procurement

Public incentives can substantially reduce project costs for companies with the projects most desired by communities. To secure incentives, however, companies must demonstrate a tangible economic impact on the community.

We assess the qualitative and quantitative value of projects based on the community’s individual economic condition and policies; this helps us present a more compelling justification for public investment while protecting the client’s image.

Also, nearly all communities tie incentive awards to a company’s performance through legally binding agreements. We work with our clients to procure an optimum level of incentives within a reasonable, attainable framework of performance commitments.

KMK Consulting helps clients with their facilities and projects across the United States achieve more favorable outcomes through specialized site selection advisory services.

Through our national footprint in economic development services, we offer corporate clients a competitive advantage for their relocation projects by leveraging our extensive networks and expertise working with governments at all levels.

We help clients understand and navigate complex community processes and sensitive political issues while fully protecting their corporate image.

Our clients are able to make fully informed location decisions relating to selection of communities, sites and incentives because we have decades of frontline experience in over 130 markets, as practitioners in economic development and real estate from the local to the federal level.

Site searches for new or expanding businesses have grown in complexity due to the realization of substantial ongoing (and costly) advantages and disadvantages inherent in locations beyond the initial real estate costs.

In many cases a project location that is deemed to be the right fit initially due to site affordability or tax rates actually is more costly over the long term due to unclear variables.

We match the client to not just a site that meets immediate needs but the site located in the best business environment for continuing operational and employee needs.

We look beyond the immediate value of factors such as real estate/construction costs and incentives to determine whether key adequate community assets are in place or planned to support the company’s longer-term location needs. Examples include frequency and size of tax increases, infrastructure improvement plans that may benefit or interfere with company access or operations.

We also perform valuable project “pre-launch” government affairs work with local, county and state officials to lay the groundwork for more favorable project reception.


Corporate Location Services Professionals

Always building collaborations and trust.

"The firm's counsel and expertise are delivered with extraordinary credibility and professionalism."
- Vice President Legislative Affairs and Tax Counsel, Fortune 500 Company