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Incentives Negotiations and Compliance

If your company received incentives for a project in the past decade but now is planning layoffs or other employment or real estate changes, you soon may be faced with complications from failure to comply with program requirements. Communities generally have the authority to reduce or terminate your benefits and in many cases to require you to pay back the value of the benefits received to date. Many companies are not aware that even if they did not execute an incentives agreement, they still are obligated to meet their performance requirements based on the government’s action (vote or certification) to approve the incentives.

Our expertise extends beyond securing incentives for our clients to also vigilantly protecting their tax benefits through our incentives compliance services. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution as compliance is a complex arena with vast ranges in program types and corresponding performance requirements.

Our multi-disciplinary team is fronted by seasoned former government practitioners and supported by our parent, Keating Muething & Klekamp, PLL law firm, so we understand how to navigate complex compliance review processes and position the client for the most favorable outcome.

Nearly half of public incentives awarded for projects are never collected because companies do not have the resources to meet initial and ongoing compliance requirements. Governments impose significant documentation and reporting requirements before and after the award of incentives.

To assure our clients gain the maximum value of promised incentives, we manage all aspects of application and reporting required to finalize, activate and maintain incentives for the project duration. We assure all documentation is accurately completed, submitted by deadline, and all follow-up inquiries are addressed.


Incentives Negotiations and Compliance Professionals